Softwere Development

"Ganesh Infotech" is an IT solutions company that provides the state-of-the-art technology solutions that can be tailor-made to meet the client's current IT requirements. Our experience over a broad spectrum of industries enables us to provide vertical market solutions that are in sync with the changes taking place within industry sectors.

We have a complete team who work on various traditional and conventional technologies. They thrive to achieve our uncompromising standards and provide better customer satisfaction through timely delivery, installation & cost competencies.

GANESH INFOTECH offers a complete range of project development solutions, including all the phases of the software development cycle starting from the requirements analysis up to implementation, maintenance and support.

The software development process is initiated by an interactive consulting process between the customer and GANESH INFOECH team leader. The main aim here is to analyze, define and specify the customer’s requirements, challenges and opportunities, which can be effectively addressed by us. The project details are prepared at our end, which establish a clear project description provide complete transparency of the development process.

Once the project schedule and the details are finalized, the design & development process begins.

Testing is carried out simultaneously throughout the development phase by dedicated Quality Assurance Group.

Developed software documentation (manuals, instructions) are provided to the client. All the required documentation is developed and tested together with the product to ensure full compatibility.

After Finalization of the above stages at our end, the software is ready for delivery to the client. It is installed and tested again for any loopholes at the client's workplace before it is handed over at the other end.

Our certified and experience-rich engineers, with continuous problem-solving pursuit, software support service with the most flexible and comprehensive levels of service coverage. We are committed to the ongoing support of its products and provide different methods of customer support (on-line, e-mail, phone, on-site). Due to the local support available at various centers, the hitches however small they may be get catered to and solved in minimal time.