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Money Lending Application
To make Paper less money lenders office we introduce Money lending Application in Gujarati and English Language. Which maintain up to date money lenders account books as per government norms and calculate interest with highly accuracy and government rules and regulation with Desi – Nama method.
This software maintain Jewelers day by day routine works his stock with Desi – Nama Accounting Method  in Gujarati and English Language.
Common Acc
This Software is specially design for small traders who facing problem to maintain their account book with or without stocks. The software maintain all routine accounting works with Desi –Nama  method in Gujarati and English.
School Automation System
This software  maintain all details of students like admission, G.R. Maintains, Various Fees Collection and outstanding, leaving certificate etc., School Account Heads, User Level Restriction  etc in Gujarati and English.
Specially Design For Medical Stores. To Maintain Medicine Inventory with Account.
The software is developed to maintain Small Clinic with Patient History, Daily Appointments, Case History, and Medicine Description base on Patient Sign,  Symptoms & Laboratory Investigation (It is truly automated to prescribe the medicine base on sign symptoms database)
The Software is developed to generate report of Sonography & X-ray investigation done by Doctor. It maintain day by day patient history, Fees Collection etc.
Advocate Diary
The Software is developed to maintain Advocate daily Case history and other details.
SMS Manager  Easy way to manage your SMS
SMS Manager is developed to send and receive SMS through your GSM phone or GSM Modem. In this software user can schedule predefined message to individual or groups, send message on contact's birthday or marriage date etc. Set SMS reminders for personal alerts, read mesage from gsm card or phone memory. Send bulk message or single message with predefined message. Send message with excel data, read phone contacts and store in computer with groupings.
System Requirements : Platforms
Processor :  800Mhz Or Above, 256 MB Ram, 40 Mb Hdd, CD Drive , Bluetooth dongal or inbuilt Bluetooth facility in PC or Laptop.
Mobile having  Bluetooth  or data cable or  GSM Modem
SMS Manager Works on Windows  98 / XP / 2000 / 2003 / Vista Platform
  • No need of internet connection to send SMS
  • Send /receive SMS through Mobile phone with Bluetooth, Data cable or GSM Modem.*
  • Send SMS to predefined Groups or Individual Contacts
  • Schedule SMS for group or individual contacts for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly sending.
  • Inactive schedule or Stop schedule on fix date facility.
  • Import Contacts from XLS.
  • Export Data in XLS, create new column in it fill data and send SMS with XLS data.
  • Read and store Mobile incoming SMS*.
  • Send message for contacts or family members on his / her birthday / marriage date.
  • Set SMS reminder.
  • Set SMS counter to monitor how much SMS send and lock System to end SMS.
  • Create your own predefine message with contact name or other details and set it for schedule or direct message.
  • Read contacts from mobile and store it in groups.
  • Read Stored and Delete mobile smessage.
     * Mobile support required.
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